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Your Log Home

Log Home Builders: Reasons Why You Need to Invest in a Log Home



Log homes are calm, comfortable and livable. Though we were raised thinking that log homes are the type of houses our forefathers have lived in a thousand years ago, modern log homes are impressive from its natural wood smell and acoustics, resulting in a comfortable and warm atmosphere. Log homes promote healthy living given its calm settings and relaxing ambiance, reducing stress and tension of work and routine daily activities, as well as the challenges we need to face every day. Aside from reminiscing effects and traditional rustic style of log homes, log home builders offer a more cleaned line and contemporary architectural structure with logs, with a touch of geometrical designs and boldness.


Building your own log home may have a market valuation of twenty to thirty percent premium because they are higher than their counterparts which are conventional. While others are concerned about settling of log walls, there are products that are glue-laminated reducing shrinking or movements, as well as systems for mitigation. It is a fact that wood has a natural tendency to twist, wrap, shrink and crack if it is not protected. However, this is why many people love Log Homes Sandpoint, having the very nature and character of the wood itself, being still useful and alive despite being cut down. Log homes offer a superior insulation, just making sure that framed walls, gable ends, dormers, slabs, roof and basement walls are tightly sealed, but still allowing the settlement that is requiring special details. Log homes are perfect for those with health problems, because they bring no harm to the body, rather providing relaxation and comfort.


Log homes and log cabins are eco-friendly, ideal for cold places, most especially during the winter season, and possess simple and easy maintenance, energy efficient and noise reduction quality, along with its magnificent look and charm. Log cabins and log houses are popular in United Kingdom, Finland, Scotland, Norway, Estonia, Thailand and South Africa. If you want a healthy living, invest and build your very own log home or log cabin. Wood is a natural and sturdy material for houses, cottages, cabins and buildings. Allow us to help you plan and build your dream log home. We are the top log building company in Idaho, dedicated to providing the best architectural design and structure of traditional and modern home ideas, with the knowledge, experience, and skills of our architects and Log Home Builders Flathead Lake.


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